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Bernardi Real Estate website traffic increased by 98% since website overhaul, SEO and paid search optimizations

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Hi, I am Kathleen LeRoy and I have been providing digital marketing services to companies for over 12 years and traditional marketing services for over 25.

I work with clients all over the US, small and medium sized to help drive relevant customers to their website. Having owned a couple of businesses myself and starting several businesses for others, I am able to think strategically and from a holistic perspective through any phase of a project. Let's start growing your business and have some fun!

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Do have a hard time keeping up with what to do with all your internet platforms? It’s hard to know what to say, how often and have effective content that give folks what they really want and ultimately leads to conversions. Let us prepare an overall content strategy and an editorial calendar to keep you current and relevant to your visitors and followers. 

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"I've read the (Colorado Recovery) website a number of times and it's been very helpful.  Actually, it's the best of it's type I've seen (I've done a lot on of online consulting in my career). It was truly helpful in supporting our research in finding services."

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Boulder, Colorado

"I am so excited to discover the numbers are up and powering forward, I believe we are outperforming our peers in this space. Your meetings with us have appropriate content and pace and include good dialogue on topics that need further understanding." 

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Are you trying to figure out how to use social media to communicate your message and find customers? I help make these innovative tools useful and effective means to expanding your audience. Climb aboard the social train!

Need to communicate your message through new and engaging formats? I can help you produce compelling videos to inspire and amaze your audience and at the same time satisfy search engines' demand for alternative forms of distributing content,

Need expertise on your team to optimize organic search for a new website launch, an existing website or a mobile site that has fallen in Google ranking? I provide affordable guidance and support to help your team get your website ranking with the major search engines...

Need help gaining relevant traffic and visibility from search engines? I provide paid search advice and support to help ensure a return on your investment which means driving the right customers to your site and providing an experience that leads them to do what you want them to do.

Are you trying to figure out where to go next with your marketing or  how to expand your audience? I can help you develop a short and long term marketing strategy and plan that take primary research, market innovation and your budget into account.